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Physio Therapies Inspire will find you a tailored physiotherapy solution for managing complex musculoskeletal pain


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Physio Therapies Inspire Clinic in Stalling Down, Cowbridge

Our Ethos

Our intention is to deliver a personalised approach to each client putting them in control of their own health and by placing evidenced-based treatment at the heart of what we do. 

With a passion for developing a learning community sharing knowledge through educating our clients is paramount.

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Physical Activity

How We Can Help You

We listen, consider and discuss solutions forming your management plan together; providing you with tailor made support, including short & long-term management packages.

You will benefit from treatment by a physiotherapist specialising in complex musculoskeletal conditions and persistent pain.   

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Assessment, Treatment, Education & Advice

How Are We Different

Passionate about improving the quality of lives of those suffering from persistent musculoskeletal pain by developing mutually agreed physiotherapy treatment & management plans.  

We aim to facilitate clients back to normal activities and take control of their symptoms.  We also offer ongoing support to ensure you stay in control.

Introducing Madeleine


Over 11 years NHS experience as a specialised physiotherapist in musculoskeletal complex conditions with vast experience in the management of persistent pain, acupuncture, hand therapy and hip & pelvic rehabilitation.


  • BSc Physiotherapy - Cardiff University
  • Msc in Musculoskeletal Medicine - Middlesex University
  • Association of Acupuncture for Chartered Physiotherapists (AACP) member
  • APPI Pilates Matwork trained
  • Hand therapy experience
  • Member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (CSP)
  • Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC) registered


Lecturing at Cardiff University on the undergraduate physiotherapy programme developing a research portfolio on physical activity promotion for health & behavioural change. 

Currently undertaking research into public experiences of advice on physical activity for the management of musculoskeletal pain, by health care practitioners.  This is funded by RCBC Wales #physicalactivityresearch

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Our Services

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Physio treatments for pain relief provided as a complete and evidence based package of care

Treatment may involve therapies to help mobilise soft tissues, increase joint range of motion or reduce pain:

  • Joint mobilisation or manipulation
  • Massage or soft tissue mobilisation
  • Acupuncture for pain relief
  • Taping, bracing or supports
  • TENS
  • Individualised exercise programmes
  • Group & one to one pain management programmes


Physical Activity and Stengthening

A fundamental part of physiotherapy is encouraging clients back to full function and this often involves ensuring you have sufficient muscle strength and flexibility.  

Exercise and functional activity rehabilitation will play a core part of your programme.  We aim to make you feel comfortable and confident in performing these exercises, with ongoing support and monitoring available.  

Ongoing Assessment

Complete physio assessment

It is essential to evaluate your management plan to ensure it is optimal as your treatment progresses.  We will therefore consult with you at each visit and take appropriate measures to monitor your progress.  This will allow ongoing programme tailoring which is bespoke to you. 

Once you have reached your goals and potential you will be discharged with maintenance advice to help with your self-management.

What should you expect?

Physio Therapies Inspire Private Clinic


Set outside of Cowbridge town, with convenient A48 access, you'll experience convenient and ample parking.  

A warm and friendly atmosphere awaits you with complimentary client beverage facilities and amenities.

Private & luxurious facilities

Your Appointment

Client assessment involves the Clinician asking questions regarding your health and the issue that is affecting you.  

A physical assessment will be necessary and you may be required to undress.  Your comfort and dignity will be maintained at all times.

Contemplate how to manage you pain

Treatment & Aftercare

A range of support options are available to help you manage your musculoskeletal complaint in a way that suits you.


We accept all major payment cards & Apple Pay.

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